Ayumi Fujimoto

photographer/accommodation owner


Hello! I am a photographer of travel enthusiast who has visited over 20 countries. I was helped by local people a lot of times when I was traveling, Their hospitality touched my heart so deeply, I was impressed by warmth and kindness very much. Now I would love to return back the favor to people who come to my city for traveling. Traveling gives you a wonderful experience and unforgettable impression in your life. I think it can not be replaced by anything else and I believe that one encounter might change the lives better of each other afterwards unexpectedly. I wish I could be a one of unforgettable person of your traveling memories here and really hope you to enjoy your trip.


Home stay accommodation

This is a homestay type accommodation for having an experience of living in a general house, genuine local life and culture with host.

I welcome you as if you are my family or friends, we share whole single house and living together. 


Photography Services

photography services for your traveling memories in each sightseeing places by professional photographer.

cooking experience

Cooking experience

Let's cook Japanese cuisine with me in general house. I am a licensed cook and my house is operates permission. it's fun to learn how to cook foreign cuisine with talking at table, it must be memorable event of your trip.

Cultural experience

Cultural experience

Calligraphy is a one of Japanese cultural thing.

You can be dressed in traditional clothes "kimono" and learn whole process in traditional "tatami" room by calligraphy teacher.